Home and Abroad Missions

In light of the Lord’s commandment, as well as by His and other examples in the Scriptures, missions is clearly the heartbeat of God.  The earthly ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself epitomized what missions and missionaries should be.  Beginning at Antioch in Acts 13, the early church undertook the systematic carrying out of the Lord’s Great Commission, expressed in Acts 1:8 and other places.  Moved by obedience, by the examples and patterns in Scripture, and because we believe the realities of the Gospel (II Corinthians 4:13), Faith Baptist Church supports dozens of missionaries, sent out from several different churches and mission boards, to fields of service across the country and around the world.


In June of 1979, however, to expand and increase the effectiveness of our missions endeavors, Faith Baptist Church also started our own mission board, Home and Abroad Missions.  This ministry arm of our church performs logistical services to missionaries sent out from both our own church and others.  As the name implies, H. A. M. supports missionaries both in the United States and around the globe.  We anticipate continued steady growth in the months and years ahead.